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Oliver Marketing Partners with Elemental LED

Pacific NW and N California territories will offer linear lighting solutions.

Oliver Marketing has announced its new partnership with Elemental LED, a provider of linear LED lighting solutions in North America.

Oliver Marketing Carries Elemental LED

Elemental LED’s reputation as the largest supplier of linear LED lighting is built upon its comprehensive, high-quality portfolio of linear, accent, and task LED lighting. Known for its Color Rendering Index (CRI) and R values, Elemental LED’s products provide vibrant high-fidelity color rendering.

Key Elemental LED product lines Oliver Marketing will represent include Lucetta and Diode LED, each possessing distinct advantages in the lighting market. The Lucetta product line offers sleek, modern designs that blend effortlessly with any decor, while providing efficient and powerful illumination. Meanwhile, Diode LED provides industry-leading solutions in task lighting, offering unrivaled performance and longevity.

The announcement promises new opportunities for integrators to work with designers, architects, and contractors seeking innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

For more information about Elemental LED products now represented by Oliver Marketing, visit