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One Firefly Introduces Video Pioneer Video Production Service

Takes care of the entire video production process — from strategy and pre-production to editing and deployment.

One Firefly has announced its latest service — Video Pioneer. Video is the fastest-growing type of content in 2022, and personalized video can help custom integrators showcase their people, facilities, and projects in a compelling way and engage prospects and existing clients on their website. Additionally, personalized video is a powerful tool to differentiate your business and stand out in your local marketplace.

One Firefly Video Production

One Firefly has an extensive history of producing industry-focused video, starting with the UI University collection in 2016, and continuing with the creation of the Mercury Pro media library in 2019, plus custom video production for well-known industry brands like Savant and Bravas. The Video Pioneer turnkey service takes the primary obstacles to personalized video production — time, resources, and knowledge — out of your hands and delivers a VIP experience from start to finish.

One Firefly has already brought Video Pioneer to early-adopters in the industry, including its client Relative Home Systems. One Firefly worked with Ian Dohalick, partner at Relative Home Systems, and his team to produce unique video content for their website.

The video production process — from strategy and pre-production to editing and deployment — is a time-consuming venture. Sourcing, interviewing, and selecting a videographer, developing a creative strategy and shot list, managing the project, and overseeing post-production editing, color-correction, and website deployment optimization for unique video content can take anywhere from several weeks to several months of dedicated time.

Dohalick and the Relative Home Systems team (like many integrators) are too busy running a business and serving their clients to dedicate the time, research, and resources necessary to produce professional-looking videos.

The Relative Home Systems video shoot began with a pre-production kickoff call with Dohalick, his team, and a dedicated video project manager from One Firefly to discuss the goals for the shoot. From there, One Firefly managed the entire process from pre-production through posting and management.

The One Firefly team managed all pre-shoot logistics and planning, arrived on location the day of the shoot, and directed the client and captured all planned video footage, plus a little extra. The shoot day consisted of multiple locations, which the client secured and prepped well ahead of time. The on-site shoot went smoothly because the client was prepared with all team members present and dressed appropriately for the intended shots, the company vehicle was clean and ready for use, and the team came with positive spirits and were ready to take direction from the videographer.

Afterward, the One Firefly team identified the best shots, color-graded and edited the clips together, and determined the clips that would look best on each website page. Finally, it deployed the finished product on four pages of the Relative Home Systems website.

“They shot amazing coverage of our team and showroom to help us tell our story to everyone who visits our website,” says Dohalick. “We as an organization are just too busy to undertake this type of project ourselves — that’s why we couldn’t be happier One Firefly not only managed everything but had a fast turnaround time from production to posting.”

Visit the Relative Home Systems website to see the personalized video solution.

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