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Parasol Announces “Do It For Me” Solutions

Offers turnkey marketing, sales, billing, and back-office development solutions to dealers.

Parasol has announced its Parasol+ program aimed at helping its dealers grow. Parasol+ is the result of dealers asking for more Do It For Me (DIFM) services in recent months as installation workloads increase and excess time to implement new initiatives is scarce.

Parasol Do It For Me Solutions

“We’re excited to offer our dealers turnkey marketing, sales, billing and back office development solutions,” says Ted Bremekamp, Parasol co-founder and director of operations. “We want to send a clear message to our dealers that we hear you loud and clear.”

Parasol dealers can now choose from a menu of commonly requested services, provided by a carefully curated group of industry experts, including:

Marketing – Through its exclusive relationship with MC Group, Parasol is taking the guesswork out of building out an RMR marketing engine. Dealers can subscribe to MC Group’s lineup of consulting, marketing collateral, and ongoing accountability check-ins aimed at taking them from ‘0 to profitable’ in as little as 90 days.

Business Process Improvement — Parasol is partnering with IntegrateU, enabling dealers to sign up for an on-site or virtual visit by experts aimed at developing a plan to improve business performance and pour gasoline on their RMR generation efforts. All offerings include weekly or monthly check-ins ensuring plans don’t sit on the shelf and collect dust.

“We were struggling to find the time to implement our Parasol program in-house,” says Jeff Harris, CEO of Hive in Tampa, FL. “Thanks to Parasol+, we’re now building out our subscription portal with a solid implementation plan in place thanks to IntegrateU.”

Parasol+ is completely a la carte and voluntary with new and existing dealers welcome to bring their own solutions to the table.

Dealers can learn more about Parasol+ by checking out