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Parasol Launches AllCall Solution

Enables dealers to route all their incoming calls to Parasol, not just subscribers.

Parasol has announced the launch of its AllCall program that enables dealers to route all their incoming calls to Parasol, a huge upgrade from its former subscriber-only model.

“Dealers have always wanted us to take all their calls, not just from their subscribers,” says Ted Bremekamp, Parasol co-founder and director of operations. “We were only solving part of the problem for our dealers, and we’re excited to offer up AllCall to finally offer 100 percent 24/7 dealer pain relief.”

AllCall is rolling out gradually to Parasol’s 250+ dealers around the United States as a new tier of service, augmenting its existing two subscription plans. Early adopters include top players like Bravas and Fusion Audio + Video.

“We love porting our service line over to Parasol,” says Aaron Cowden, owner of Fusion Audio + Video in Greenville, SC. “We’ve already signed up a ton of customers as subscribers, but having Parasol take all the rest of our calls is such a relief, especially after hours.”

AllCall is designed to help Parasol’s dealers ease into its subscription model with something as simple as switching over their incoming service phone line to Parasol’s 24/7 network operations centers.

“Client experience is an important initiative for Bravas, and Parasol’s All-Call program has enabled us to deliver a more consistent service experience to clients across the board,” says Jay Vandermyde, COO of Bravas. “Our employees have benefited as much as our clients. Technicians deal with fewer client calls during evenings and weekends and fewer distractions during business hours. Our service coordinators and office staff are more confident scheduling on-site service and invoicing for remote service knowing that clients received a quick response from our dedicated service team.”

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