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ProjX360 Launches Sales CRM and Proposal, PO Generation Tool

ProjX360 has launched a new Sales CRM and Proposal and PO Generation Tool.

ProjX360 has launched a new Sales CRM and Proposal and PO Generation Tool. With these new enhancements to ProjX360, integrators now have a single solution to manage their projects from the sales process, including creating proposals, through project management, to completion and into service. 

With ProjX360 Sales CRM, businesses will be able to more easily manage and track an entire sales pipeline, helping them close more deals efficiently. It allows for closer monitoring of deal activity, giving a better perspective of the chances each one has to close, and provides more insight into a team’s efforts in working to close deals.

The new Sales CRM tool also allows businesses to standardize their sales process with customizable deal templates. Users can create tasks and events for individual deals to keep the highest-value activities front and center.

With ProjX360’s lead management function, users can tag individual deals with where they originated, allowing for better analysis of the best channels in the sales process. Users can also monitor leads through the sales process with customizable status tracking, to help ensure that each lead is being moved through properly.

ProjX360’s Proposal Generation Tool allows users to quickly and easily create professional and accurate proposals anytime, anywhere, to help expedite the closing process. The Proposal Generation Tool includes the ability to create custom system packages: for example, companies that frequently sell the same 7.1 surround sound system can create it once in the software, with all the parts and labor, then save it as “Favorite 7.1 Package” in the package manager. Future proposals can then be easily populated with all of the saved information.

Users can also assign accessories to products, saving time and helping eliminate forgotten items. For example, for a television, users can assign a wall mount, HDMI cable, emitter, etc. to it, so every time it is dragged into a proposal, a prompt will appear to automatically add the accessories. To make sure your labor is bid accurately, users can also assign a labor phase and labor hours to a product, so that every time that product is dragged into the proposal, those additions are also included. 

ProjX360 is integrated with Portal for the product database, and is in the process of integrating with it for Purchase Order distribution and tracking, as well. This functionality keeps users’ product databases automatically up to date, including specific costs, product information, and specifications. The new Purchase Order integration streamlines the ordering process by leveraging Portal’s robust vendor integration to distribute and track Purchase Orders, which can aggregate orders to single vendors to save on shipping and bulk discounts when applicable.

In cases where companies have items stocked locally or from specialized vendors, users can manually create one-off POs in ProjX360, track when they are opened by the supplier, and receive updates from them as the order processes through their system.