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ProSource Launches Sales Playbook and Training Pathway for CI Channel

Designed to help onboard junior salespeople and industry outsiders through ProSource University.

ProSource CI Sales and Training Playbook

ProSource recently launched a new ProSource member benefit: a sales playbook and training pathway designed to help onboard junior salespeople and industry outsiders through ProSource University, the largest online learning platform in the home technology industry.

“We’re excited to launch the Sales Playbook and help our members attract and retain sales talent,” says Sherry Dantonio, ProSource’s director of education. “Our industry’s inability to hire outsiders and leaving salespeople to fend for themselves without a roadmap is finally a thing of the past.”

The Sales Playbook is the result of many years of collaborative work with top integrators like Livewire, Hive, Liaison, and many others. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity to interview dozens of industry pros and use their shared experiences to fuel the creation of the Sales Playbook,” says Dante Walston, CEO of IntegrateU. “It’s exciting to tackle the sales side of the business after transforming what it means to hire and train installers over the past few years.”

New hires utilizing the Sales Playbook can enroll in ProSource University’s one-year Sales Pathway, which will contain 18 modules that guide the salesperson through basics like budget qualification, soft skills, lead generation, and much more. By the end of the course, the rookie is ready to fly the nest and start contributing to their company’s (and their own) bottom line.

The first five modules are now available on ProSource University. The remaining courses will be available in August.

ProSource members interested in further customizing and branding their Sales Playbook experience can learn more at IntegrateU’s Website. Integrators interested in more information on becoming a ProSource member can contact Sherry Dantonio, VP, education and member recruitment at 562-810-1706 or  [email protected].

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