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Research: Bond Home Motorized Shade User Survey Highlights Business Opportunities

Survey identifies what homeowners seek in shades and smart control.

Bond Home Motorized Shades End-User Survey

Technology company Olibra, developer of the Bond Bridge RF-to-WIFI platform, has released the findings of its recent survey of 100K active motorized shade users. The survey identifies what homeowners seek in shades and smart control and indicates that abundant sales opportunities exist in the category for custom integrators.

Key points from the survey and takeaways for CI’s are:

  • Many homeowners want to add more shades in the future (50 percent – Yes, 24 percent – Maybe). Custom installers should follow-up with their existing clients.
  • 52 percent of homeowners have added more motorized shades since their first purchase. New business can be gained by following-up with existing clients.
  • 64 percent would like all their shades to be motorized. Just like above, new business can be gained by following-up with existing clients.
  • Aesthetics, Connectivity, and Build Quality are the three key shade features for them. Lead your sales efforts with these features.
  • Schedules, Grouping, Positioning, and More Control Options are most desired control features. Make sure your control features key-in on these specifics.
  • Six is the average number of motorized shades per home, with 54 percent having nine or more. The typical homeowner has headroom for more shades.
  • Installations are done almost on a 50/50 basis by pros versus DIY. There are abundant opportunities for integrators.
  • Clients find that batteries last six months or less (43 percent – 6 months, 22 percent – 4 months). If you sell battery-powered shades, be sure to follow-up inside of six months.

“Our survey findings indicate that homeowners are hungry for more motorized shades and better control,” says Bond Home CEO Zohar Shinar. “And in serving this demand, the Bond Bridge platform is being adopted by more and more leading shade brands industrywide. There is no better time for CIs to get onboard and take advantage of these opportunities.”

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