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Results from Azione Unlimited Operations Key Leader Meeting

Two-day conference designed to empower middle management with tools, techniques, and tactics.

Azione Unlimited recently hosted its Operations Key Leader Meeting in Chicago, IL. Pointed at evolving operational responsibilities and acumen, the Operations Key Leader meeting featured two-days of roundtable discussions, collaboration, and keynotes from vendor-members and Brad Whitehead of VX Strategy.

By engaging with operational managers, COOs, service managers, and production managers, Azione Unlimited is positioned to help influence business decisions from a new aspect. The meetings address multiple issues including compensation, procedure handoffs, and comparable labor rates.

The Operations Key Leader Meeting precedes a counterpart Sales Key Leader Meeting, hosting more than 100 Azione Unlimited members for free during the four-day colloquium.

Whitehead returned as the keynote speaker, building on his success from last year’s meeting. This year, his presentations included “People and Process: Who Does What and Are the Right People on the Bus” and “Compensation and Bonus Plans That Increase Morale and Build Successful Teams.” Whitehead’s unique insight and extensive experience as a business coach and consultant in the AV industry promotes growth in the areas of strategic planning and execution, organizational development, operations management, finance strategy, and business process improvements.

Vendor-members from Sony, Savant, Liberty A.V., Sonance, AudioControl, and OneVision also sponsored presentations that touched on a multitude of informative points to further continue discussions among dealers. Topics covered reducing truck rolls, consolidating PO’s, addressing tariffs, consumer technology adoption rate, and other key themes.

Operations Key Leader Meetings also provided a chance for dealers to give presentations on the different operational tactics they implemented this year. Dealers noted different decisions they made from defining moments with the employees they manage, covering ideas such as updating programs and not removing them, the effectiveness of deeper benefits, and how to implement them on a company-wide level.

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