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Ring Expands End-to-End Encryption

Offers additional security and privacy options for users.

Ring has announced that, after launching video End-to-End Encryption in the U.S. earlier this year, it is removing the feature from technical preview and expanding its availability to customers around the world. In addition, it is releasing several new privacy and security features that put control in the hands of customers to help them keep their accounts and information secure.

Ring Encryption

Features include:

  • Video End-to-End Encryption
    • End-to-End Encryption provides an opt-in security feature for customers who want to add an additional layer of security to their videos.
    • Advanced security feature is now rolled out to all U.S. customers with eligible devices and is rolling out globally.
    • Ring has added additional devices that can utilize video End-to-End Encryption. The full list of compatible devices is available here.
  • Support for authenticator apps
    • Ring is also adding support for Authenticator Apps for Two-Step Verification. Authenticator apps are simple to use and offer an additional, secure method for customers to receive a One-Time Password.
    • Ring is rolling out CAPTCHA in the Ring app and Neighbors app as another safeguard to protect customer account information and help prevent automated login attempts from bad actors.
  • Self-service device transfer
    • In the coming weeks, Ring will launch a new, automated self-service process to allow customers to securely transfer ownership of used Ring devices. Instead of requiring customers to call in to customer services, the new process empowers the new device owner to scan the device during setup, and follow the instruction flow on the Ring app, while alerting the original device owner to remove the account from their app.

For more information, Ring has provided a blog post.