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SnapAV Promises ‘Major Improvements’ to Autonomic Brand

According to the Company, Changes Include Greater Product Stability Through Updated Firmware, a New Standalone Solution, and Reduced Pricing

After more than a year of extensive research, redesign, and development, SnapAV has announced major changes to the Autonomic line it acquired in December 2016.

“We listened to a lot of feedback—both good and bad—and worked to improve our brand from top to bottom,” said Michael de Nigris, VP and GM of Autonomic. “We believe this to be the best Autonomic yet, and something all dealers should be excited about.”

Autonomic eSeries products will feature brand-new firmware, which took more than 5,000 hours to perfect. This firmware fixes numerous bugs and brings added reliability and stability to the entire Autonomic solution.

“Nothing is more important than a reliable product,” said Matthew Kamp, product manager of audio. “We made sure our latest firmware directly combats every problem we had in the field. We even added features to a number of control system drivers, so dealers have greater flexibility.”

The latest firmware update is currently available for the recently released 3e and 5e music streamers, which are direct replacements of 2A and 5A models. Both streamers have the same features dealers previously enjoyed, with a new solid-state hard drive and the added benefit of eAudioCast, an innovative feature that provides a customizable, network-based audio solution.

In addition to new firmware, Autonomic has also replaced their Mirage Media Controller app with a new TuneBridge app, available on Google Play and the App Store. Features include room grouping, volume control, scene creation, favorites, and TuneBridge, which allows customers to seamlessly transition between streaming services.

“We always had great control system integration, and now we have a premier standalone solution to match,” de Nigris said. “It allows customers to control and curate music from multiple services, while playing it at the highest resolution possible.”

Autonomic has also reduced prices of both the 1e music streamer and 120e amplifier, making it easier for dealers to sell the products individually.

“Dealers can sell a complete Autonomic solution for just $500 per zone,” de Nigris noted. This is the same price as the leading competition, but dealers get a protected product line with greater customization, flexibility, and margins.”

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