SnapAV Shipping New SunBriteTV 4K Models

New Veranda Models Designed For Full-Shade Applications, Start at $1,499
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SnapAV is now shipping SunBriteTV Veranda and Signature Series, completing its full line of application-based outdoor televisions.

The all-new Veranda starts at $1,499 MSRP and is designed for full-shade applications such as a covered patio, porch, or sunroom. “In the past, some dealers have been hesitant to discuss outdoor TVs with their clients because they felt the price was too high,” said SnapAV president Adam Levy. “With Veranda, a dealer can start this conversation much more easily.”

Designed as a safer alternative to installing an indoor TV outside, Veranda incorporates the same all-weather capability as previous SunBriteTVs, and also includes a 4K display. Continued Levy, “Veranda is the result of focusing on what is truly valuable in a fully-shaded application like a covered porch. It’s safe and reliable in these outdoor applications and is much closer to the price of indoor TVs.”

In addition, the redesigned Signature involves a variety of upgrades, including a 4K picture that is up to three times brighter than a typical indoor TV. “The new Signature line is a big step up from the last generation,” Levy said. “The most obvious difference is the move to full 4K technology. Not only is the new picture a higher resolution than the last generation, but it’s significantly brighter as well.” 

Signature models also include a built-in HDBaseT receiver, an often-requested feature designed to make life easier for installers. Plus, with the addition of OptiView Technology, dealers can help deliver a greater viewing experience to their customers. “OptiView is a preconfigured calibration for outdoor daytime and nighttime viewing,” Levy said. “This means the picture will be at maximum brightness when needed, without being too bright for watching TV outside after the sun sets.”

With the inclusion of Signature and Veranda, SunBriteTV has a product that can fit into most budgets or outdoor applications, and one that can add new sources of revenue to dealers. Both models are now available in 43-, 55-, and 65-inch options. “Outdoor TVs represent a great business opportunity for dealers,” Levy said. “They’re conversation starters, and conversations are the beginnings of a referral.”