SunBriteDS Display Helps Amigos Restaurant Highlight Menu Items

SunBriteDS Weatherproof Display Stands Up to Nebraska Weather As Amigo’s Outdoor Banner
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With more than 25 locations throughout Nebraska and plans to open several more in 2016, Amigos/King’s Classic is a dominant force in Mexican fast food throughout the state. But Amigos faced a challenge of displaying their standard menu while still promoting daily specials, limited offers, and best-selling items in a way that wouldn’t visually overwhelm drive-thru customers. In researching outdoor displays, Amigos/Kings classic service manager Jim Aust was led to the SunBriteDS and, based on the product’s ease of use, brightness, and display clarity, and purchased a weatherproof 47” outdoor digital display shortly after. 

The unpredictable environment of Nebraska was a key factor in Aust’s decision-making process, but the outdoor display he desired would also need to overcome both direct sunlight and darkness to present a discernable image.

“I was really impressed with the image resolution after we got the display up and running,” said Aust. “It’s bright and the colors are so crisp. The whole display exceeds our expectations.”

The outdoor display sources its content from a media player connected to a computer. Aust can update the display from anywhere so long as he is connected to the Internet. “When we start adding more SunBriteDS displays to our other restaurants, I won’t have to worry about updating them separately,” said Aust. “I can update every display with one click of a button from our corporate office.”

Since Amigos/Kings Classic locations are scattered throughout Nebraska, this system has proven to be one of Aust’s favorite benefits since installing the SunBriteDS. 

“This is my first time working with SunBriteDS or needing an outdoor display,” said Aust. “I don’t see us using any other brand for our future locations; these are so easy to use and work perfectly for what we bought them for.” 

All SunBriteDS displays are designed from the ground-up for year-round outdoor operation. A watertight cable entry prevents moisture from interfering with internal electronics while specialized gaskets and powder-coated exteriors make all SunBriteTVs and SunBriteDSs completely weatherproof— and impervious to rain, snow, insects, dust, rust, and grease.