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Sunfire’s TGP-401 Processor

Lexington, KY — Sunfire is now shipping its new Theater Grand Processor and Amplifiers.

The TGP-401 Processor ($3,500 MSRP) delivers unmatched sonic performance with all the connectivity and processing needed for today’s ultimate home theater systems. Sunfire’s two new Theater Grand Amplifiers TGA-7401 ($4450) and TGA-7201 ($3250) are the perfect complement to the TGP-401. A world-class marriage of both form and function, these amplifiers are the ideal powerhouse for demanding Home Theater systems. With up to 400-watts x 7 channels available, each amp produces a warm, engaging soundstage that smoothly and dynamically reproduces both movie soundtracks and music.

TGP-401 Processor
The TGP-401 is an advanced audiophile-grade processor equipped with three HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interfaces) v1.3a inputs and one HDMI output. This Sunfire-designed, 1080p-capable switcher carries uncompressed digital video transmissions between HDMI source components, the TGP-401, and HDMI-compatible display devices. Using a simple, user-friendly connector, the HDMI protocol supports standard, enhanced and high-definition digital video on a single cable.

In keeping with Sunfire’s proud tradition of innovation, The TGP-401 adds a host of new connectivity, including SIRIUS satellite radio, dual Olé touchpad ports, and a VIA!migo port for iPod support. It also boasts a striking new industrial design that blends elegance, form and function.

Also onboard is Sunfire’s remarkable Sonic Holography technology. Invented by Bob Carver in the 1980s, Sonic Holography continues to amaze listeners with its ability to enhance the perceived soundstage of any stereo recording.

In addition, the TGR-401 includes SIRIUS, AM and FM tuners, an eight-channel input for DVD-Audio or SACD, eight balanced XLR outputs, and a video format conversion system that automatically up-converts Composite video to S-Video, and S-Video to Component video to simplify connections to the TV. The system’s powerful LCD-based remote is easy and intuitive to operate. It comes heavily pre-programmed for the TGR-401, has full learning capabilities, and features optional RF capabilities for operating components that are tucked out of sight.

Debuting with the TGP-401 is SunTools, a PC application that provides easy programming for use with Sunfire’s award-winning 401 series electronics and Ole-2SF interactive touchpads. The program is shipping now and available to Authorized Dealers as a direct download from Sunfire’s website.

Theater Grand Amplifiers
Sunfire’s new TGA models feature the company’s legendary Tracking Downconverter as well as Voltage and Current source outputs. TDC is Sunfire’s patented power supply design, which produces tremendous power while allowing the chassis to keep its cool – regardless of load or volume level. Its unique “just-in-time” approach generates virtually no heat and makes it possible to design compact, yet extremely powerful components, without the need for fans or massive heat sinks. The Voltage and Current source outputs provide the high-current drive benefits of Class A/B, in concert with a warmer tube-like output.

Complementing Sunfire’s new TGP-401 processor, the TGA’s updated cosmetics include a cleaner, more contemporary-looking front panel with a center, Platinum-colored medallion.

For both ease of installation and operation, the TGA amps provide simple integration with the TGP-401 via 12 volt trigger turn on or signal sense.