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URC Integrates With Rachio’s Smart Watering Solution

Rachio smart watering devices now operate within the URC Total Control system.

URC and Rachio have introduced a next-generation integration in smart watering for residential and commercial users. Now users can enjoy peace of mind across Rachio’s Smart Watering systems and integrate seamlessly with URC’s Total Control.

URC Integration With Rachio
Rachio integration with URC’s Total Control on a TKP-8600 touch screen.

Combining these systems creates a new age of unified, smart commercial and residential control for URC dealers and their customers. Key benefits include:

  • Unified Operation – Rachio smart watering devices operate within the Total Control system for easy and secure control and automation.
  • Customization to Match User Preferences – Form multiple zones or devices; Total Control’s user experience allows easy adjustment, including water management and usage.
  • Remote, Secure Dealer Access – Within a secure environment, this integration allows dealers remote access (with end-user approval) to troubleshoot, monitor, or adjust.
  • Plan and Monitor Water Efficiency – Integrated water sensing allows for precise measurement of water consumption and enables sustainability and cost savings.

With professional installation, Total Control allows this new integration to combine with customized scenes where multiple exterior activities occur, such as watering, lighting, surveillance, and more. Convenient for the end customer, this integration appears across URC user interfaces, like touch screens and remotes.

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