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Vantage Releases Design Center and Equinox Software Updates

Vantage has released updates for its Design Center and Equinox software, with enhanced management for home theater systems and lighting control.

Vantage has released extensive updates to its Design Center and Equinox software for dealers.

This software release, which includes Design Center 3.4, Equinox 3.1, and Driver Tools 3.3, as well as numerous third party drivers, takes home theater and entertainment management to the next level with enhanced control of channel favorites and presets, as well as movie metadata from video servers.

“Vantage Controls has been working hard to create its own two-way driver for EPIC Movie Servers,” said Ingo Schmoldt, vice president of marketing with Fusion RD. “The new updates to Design Center have achieved the results we were looking for and allow for the overall best integration with our line of Cinema, Encore, Genesis, and Premiers EPIC servers.”

“These updates will allow Vantage dealers now to compete for single-room theater solution projects that they would typically not have considered,” said Andrew Wale, vice president of marketing for Vantage. “By delivering the ability to offer new technology while completing a job more quickly than ever before, we’re giving our dealers a productivity advantage.”

In addition to these audio/video updates, Design Center 3.4 will also release with a DMX DALI gateway. As a native object within Design Center, the DMX DALI gateway delivers simplistic integration and control of DMX or DALI lighting sources. The addition of the DMX DALI gateway to Design Center provides a full DMX universe of 512 channels, as well as 64 channels of DALI control in one simple solution, making it easy to manage today’s complex lighting systems.

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