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VidaBox Integrates with Major Control Systems

Crestron, AMX, HAI, and other TCP/IP/RS-232 control systems will control VidaBox's multi-zone audio servers.

Westbury, NY–VidaBox’s new vCommand software module is designed to allow seamless integration with Crestron, AMX, HAI, and other TCP/IP & RS-232 control systems, according to the manufacturer.

One of the most common questions asked is How does VidaBox integrate with my Crestron or AMX system? said Steven Cheung, co-founder of VidaBox. Now, we have an easy, ready-to-go package for AV integrators that minimizes installation and setup time by preloading it onto any VidaBox system.

vCommand comes standard with an intuitive, graphics-rich interface for AMX and Crestron systems in the form of Netlinx Modules w. TP4 Files and SIMPL Control Modules w. VT-Pro files. It will provide control systems with real time transport feedback and metadata for music, video, DVD, and television media such as album, artist, title, duration, genre, release date, composer, chapter, director, rating, channel/station ID, program guide title, and more.

For those who want to go above and beyond the standard templates, vCommand also includes a software development API with detailed protocol document, Cheung said. With these tools, programmers can customize their own software for any integration need.