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Wisdom Ships Analog Brain

The digitally controlled DCAB-1 is an ideal set up tool for the company's Adrenaline or Infinite speaker system.

Carson City, NV–Wisdom Audio’s new Digitally Controlled Analog Brain (DCAB-1) is now shipping. This latest generation of electronic crossover, in-room analyzer, and equalizer is the ideal set up tool for optimizing the performance of any Wisdom Audio Adrenaline or Infinite speaker system.

“Moving beyond the adjustment and performance limitations of the original Brain, the DCAB-1 employs a PC-based interface and room analyzer that allows users to refine a myriad of filter characteristics to optimize in-room system performance,” explained Tom Bohlender, Wisdom Audio founder. “Owners may now achieve a higher level of resolution in system refinement without requiring on-site factory personnel-even via remote control from their listening chair.”

Employing a greater number of more powerful and precise filters, the DCAB-1 provides repeatable settings for simple comparison of any parameter. In addition to all the enhanced adjustment characteristics, the DCAB-1 is a significant step forward in overall transparency and dynamics as compared to Wisdom’s earlier Analog Brain.

DCAB-1 features include:
Remote Control; the DCAB-1 includes a remote control that communicates with the Brain bidirectionally. That is, unlike most remote controls, this one sends instructions to and receives information back from the main unit, displaying changes and status on its small screen.

Real Time Analyzer with Microphone Input; the DCAB-1 incorporates a real time analyzer and calibrated microphone that is matched (via calibration) to a reference microphone.

RS232 Interface; the RS232 interface is used to connect a computer for calibration and setup. It provides two-way communication between the DCAB-1 and the computer. The PC interface is used for adjusting all the parameters of the crossover/equalizer.

Balanced Audio Inputs and Outputs

The DCAB-1 owner’s manual provides critical information and advice for proper set-up, calibration, and speaker and microphone placement.

The DCAB-1 is a fourth-order constant-voltage crossover that provides both low-pass and high-pass outputs. The crossover network is implemented as a fourth-order state-variable filter. The slope of each output is 24 db/octave and the high-pass and low-pass outputs are always in phase with each other. All crossover work is done at the low (preamp) level and then distributed to the designated amplifiers, which reduces amplifier distortion by limiting the range of frequencies each amplifier must handle. The Active Brain allows for over 6,000 frequency adjustments allowing optimum performance of Wisdom speakers in virtually any environment. This is achieved via digital control of analog adjustments to the filter characteristics just prior to amplification.

“We are confident that any owner of an Analog Brain will be thrilled with the improvement wrought by the upgrade to the Digitally Controlled Analog Brain,” Bohlender continued. “It all started for Wisdom Audio with the Adrenaline Series 11 years ago with the M-50 Monopole and the D-75 Dipole. Now, the new digitally controlled analog brain makes Wisdom Audio’s product offerings second-to-none for those seeking nothing but the absolute best.”

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