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World4Solar’s HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System Can Sustain Category 5 Winds 

The Hurricane edition offers double the strength to withstand wind speeds of up to 175 mph without snow.

World4Solar has announced its new HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System for businesses and residential homes that can sustain Category 5 winds.

World4Solar HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System

The HelioWing Hurricane edition offers double the strength to withstand wind speeds of up to 175 mph without snow. The Hurricane edition increases the steel (powder coated, American steel) structure and fasteners strength from 50 ksi to 100 ksi to accommodate Category 5 hurricane winds. Businesses and homeowners in coastal areas can be sure their structure will remain in place, safe and secure in tropical storms and hurricanes, and they will not lose power — no storm grid outages.

The solar canopy can be concealed as a pool pergola, garden cover, or carport. Customers can add an inverter, EV charger, and batteries up to 25 kWh (Kilowatt hour) to their system. An optional LED lighting system with a control box can be built in to illuminate your business, your property, or parking area. Power the house, illuminate the garden/pool area, or charge the car — the HelioWing does it all.

Hurricane Edition HelioWing Features

  • 175 mph wind speed without snow load
  • Increased saltwater resistance
  • Black structure with battleship grey design covers
  • Upgraded steel to 100 ksi
  • Upgraded fasteners
  • Structural documentation package for permitting process (site specific engineering approval required)
  • Electrical-design documentation for permitting process (site specific engineering approval required)
  • Aptos 400-watt Bifacial panels
  • Dimensions (2 options): 22.7″ x 22.4″ and 22.7″ x 16.10″
  • 5400 pascal snow loads
  • 5400 pascal or 175 mph wind load
  • Black anodized aluminum frame
  • IP68 outdoor rated
  • Gapless roof
  • 3M weather stripping
  • Vibration absorption system
  • 20-year warranty at 87.8% output

The patented HelioWing is a flexible power plant, as it works either on the grid or off the grid. The system is delivered as an out-of-the-box solution, which includes all bolts and fasteners, cable management, and a telematic gateway for monitoring. As well as a permitting package and hazard certification. World4Solar certified installation network is available throughout the United States and Canada.

The HelioWing systems produce enough solar energy to power a whole house, offer EV charging, and can operate as a standalone solution or be connected to the local power grid to earn credits for energy generation.

To learn more about becoming a U.S. dealer or certified integrator, contact: [email protected].

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