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Honeywell Introduces New Series of Silent Knight Fire Alarm Control Panels

Four New Silent Knight Fire Alarm Control Panels Provide Businesses Solution for Enhanced Fire Detection

The latest additions to Honeywell’s Silent Knight 6000 Series, are an expansion of addressable fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and accessories.

The new 6000 Series includes four new panels with point capacities ranging from 100 to 1,110 points for greater flexibility and larger installs. Up to 17 panels can now be connected with a designated panel acting as a common communicator, offering convenient single-point visibility for critical system information.

For enhanced design flexibility, signaling line circuits can be added as needed until maximum point levels are reached. Beyond that, with built-in support for SWIFT wireless detection, the system provides a reliable and simple solution in many hard-to-wire situations, an additional design benefit for customers and installers. Other product enhancements include field upgradable firmware, USB programming, built-in IP/POTs communications, and new cellular side car options.

“Development of the new 6000 Series was focused on giving our customers more capabilities and making systems easier to install,” said Susan Adam, marketing director for fire systems, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “The Silent Knight brand has been a leader in the fire system market since entering it in 1961, and this new offering continues our tradition and commitment to customers.”

The new Silent Knight 6820EVS fire alarm control panel and Emergency Voice System (EVS) combines a fire and emergency mass notification system conveniently integrated and housed in a single panel, while meeting stringent governmental requirements for mass notification as described in UL 2572. This combination fire and emergency voice system is useful for managing fire and non-fire events where life safety and property protection depend on clear and timely communications.

Both the 6820EVS and 6860 remote annunciator feature a large, 160-character (4-line by 40-character) display for improved readability of system messages, as well as four programmable buttons that help save time when executing routine or complex tasks at the panel.