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AGA’s Nucleus Reference 3.1 Loudspeaker

Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) Nucleus Reference 3.1 loudspeaker features AGA’s patented CDTII tweeter–an improved version of the original CDT, widely acclaimed as the highest quality HF driver available–and S2 Technology, which provides superior low-frequency extension. The new Reference 3.1 also replaced the non-polar electrolytic capacitors with a metalized polyproplene type in the crossover, resulting in better mid-range clarity and enhanced low-level resolution.

“We’re really excited about the improvement of an already wonderful loudspeaker,” said Anthony Gallo, founder and president of Anthony Gallo Acoustics. “With the original, we produced an elegant, open-architecture three-way loudspeaker true to our product history, and the Reference 3.1 just improves upon that. Customers are going to love the state-of-the-art sound and visually stimulating design of the Reference 3.1, which provides a demonstrably superior alternative to large box loudspeakers.”

AGA also removed the tweeter-level adjustment switch and changed the mid-range drivers’ motor structure to a Neodymium magnet with an underhung design, which allows the voice coil to be shortened and lightened. Thusly, the inductance is reduced and the transient response and upper mid-range are improved. In addition, the smaller Neodymium magnet increases the air volume in the sphere/enclosure, which enhances the lower mid-range response.

Staying faithful to Gallo’s original designs and philosophies, the mid-range drivers are mounted independently in ultra-rigid stainless steel enclosures, which bracket the CDTII tweeter, creating a wide soundstage via its 300-degree radiation pattern. The Reference 3.1 also features Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ proprietary and patented S2 Technology decouples the backwave of the driver from the air inside the enclosure, resulting in superior low-frequency extension, improved transient response and a substantial increase in efficiency.

Low frequencies are reproduced by a 10-inch long throw, dual voice-coil drive unit that is acoustically loaded into the loudspeaker’s cast aluminum chassis. High-frequency response is rated to 35kHz, beyond the range of most dome tweeters.

Retail Price: $2,995.00 a pair.