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Apollo AE6560 Enclosure Fits Large Displays for Outdoor Viewing

Apollo's new 65-inch outdoor TV enclosure will fit between 60-inch and 65-inch slim LED TVs or displays for residential and commercial dealers.

Apollo’s new 65-inch outdoor TV enclosure will fit between 60-inch and 65-inch slim LED TVs or displays for residential and commercial dealers. 

The AE6560 65-inch enclosure features clean lines, thin bezels, and a slim case that measures 4.7-inches deep. It offers the interior space for the new slim line of TVs in the market today with space to environmentally store cables, baluns, extenders, and digital components. The enclosure can also safely protect thin LED TVs and enhance the viewing experience outdoors, according to the company.

“At Apollo, contemporary design paired with advanced outdoor technology work together to make the ideal outdoor TV enclosure for customer’s demanding style, quality, and affordable pricing,” said Lynn Stearn, president and founder at Apollo. “The 65-inch model has become the superstar model of our line, with the significant cost savings over outdoor TV. We strive to give our dealers and distributors the best possible choice of sizes to meet the demands of their clients and budgets.”

Whether viewing TV on a patio or utilizing the enclosure with a high, bright digital display for signage or viewing in direct sun environments, the Apollo can also cross the lines into the commercial space. 

“The paired solution of our enclosure and either TV or digital display technology screens opens a huge market for cost savings compared to the alternatives,” said Lynn Stearn. “In many instances, projects can save up to 50 percent, and that is certainly something to consider.”

The AE6560 will incorporate a dual, thermostatically controlled and filtered air-flow system, as well as a weatherproof mounting solution of choice with each enclosure. Each enclosures combines a powder-coated aluminum body with anti-reflective safety glass that protects the customers’ LED/LCD TV and improves contrast while reducing ambient reflection. Tight-seal technology securely seals and protects the customers’ LED/LCD TV from rain, snow, dirt, insects, and other outdoor elements. 

The down-firing sound ports, sported at the base of the enclosure, effectively maximize the audio capabilities of the TV. The 9-foot outdoor rated power cord provides safety for power in the outdoor environment, while the included 3-foot high-speed HDMI cable and coupler provides a convenient patch cable for connection when attaching to the mount, where cables are ready to connect and a 1-foot power extension cord accommodates internal connection of power packs or right-angle plugs.