Atlantic Technology Ships PBM2 Powered Bass Module

Combines Stereo Amps, Subwoofer, Automatic Source Selection for Distributed Audio
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Atlantic Technology’s PBM2 Powered Bass Module, which was first show in prototype from at CEDIA in September, is now shipping to the company's dealers. The Atlantic Technology PBM2 provides versatile, bass-rich home audio solutions for wired and optional Bluetooth portable audio sources, computers, TVs, and distributed audio. 

The Atlantic Technology PBM2 combines a powered subwoofer, stereo amplifier for any add-on speakers, and an innovative circuit that automatically switches between two sources without the need to manually change sources. Atlantic's PAS priority auto-sensing circuit simplifies operation as either a primary local system or alternate secondary source. With an optional Atlantic Technology BTR Bluetooth Receiver, it can be used to add music to any interior location without running cables back to a central hub, and integrated into a distributed audio system.

To complement distributed audio systems, PBM2 can be installed with the B input connected to the whole house system, and the local A input to a local phone, TV or PC. The PBM2 will prioritize the A input when it is turned on, and B when the local source is off.

The PBM2 has a 6x9 bass driver and 130-watt amplifier in a 15- by 9- by 7.75-inch high-efficiency ported bass enclosure to deliver deep clean bass to 35Hz. The system has crossover controls for bass level and high-pass treble. The two 40W stereo power amplifiers have less than 0.4 percent distortion, plus two analog inputs with PAS. There is a USB power connector for optional Atlantic Technology BTAA Bluetooth Receiver ($50 MSRP).

The Atlantic Technology PBM2 is now available with a suggested retail price of $469.