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Nakamichi Unveils Dragon 11.4.6 Wireless Home Surround Sound System

Plug-and-play system features Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, quad subwoofers, and Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds.

Nakamichi Dragon Surround Sound System - Overview

According to Nakamichi, the new Dragon 11.4.6 plug-and-play surround sound system transcends expectations in every technical dimension, obliterating preconceived notions of home cinema engineering boundaries. Dragon is the world’s first 21-channel surround system with 15 digital amplifiers, quad subwoofers, six upfiring speakers, and two Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds. The system supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, Qualcomm aptX HD, and is the first wireless system to be equipped with DTS:X Pro technology.

The main unit components of the Dragon system have been strategically embedded into a distinctive 58-inch stainless steel chassis. Each speaker channel has its own dedicated chamber for unadulterated audio reproduction. The system replicates a cinema-like soundstage while enhancing the visual richness of a 60-inch or larger HDTV.

The side, rear, and height surround channels have been integrated together to form the world’s first wireless 3D Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds, delivering sonic detail in any space, even for less-than-ideal room environments.

Wireless Quad Subwoofers

Back in 2017, Nakamichi introduced a dual-subwoofer configuration for its soundbar systems. With Dragon, four subwoofers are embedded into two cabinets via an isobaric configuration, a solution that outputs more explosive bass without taking up more space. This formation unlocks maximum potential kinetic energy output for the same air volume, reproducing even the deepest low frequencies with authority.

Nakamichi Dragon Surround Sound System - Subwoofers

Other than tonal and crossover adjustments, the bass experience can be further managed based on user preference as the four subwoofers can be individually activated or disabled.

Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Tweeters

The Dragon system has seven exposed Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeters that reproduce a smooth, detailed, and dynamic soundscape. These high-performance electroacoustic transducers replicate the atmospheric soundstage with clarity, transporting the audience into the center of the action.

Nakamichi Dragon Surround Sound System - Omni Reference Surrounds

Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds

These surround speakers are designed to deliver well-conceived sound effects of the side, rear, and height channels coming from all directions. Weighing at almost 9 pounds per speaker, each unit is designed in a bipolar configuration with three 3-inch speaker drivers and two AMT tweeters.

Six Upfiring Channels

Dual-angled upfiring speakers on the main Dragon unit are independently inclined at 10- and 20-degree angles, rendering vertical and overhead sound objects at precise height levels to depict the true perception of a multi-altitude soundscape.

Nakamichi Dragon Surround Sound System - Upfiring Channels

The Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds all feature an individual 3-inch upfiring driver at the crown of each speaker. With most upfiring surround speakers, placement options are limited to create the perfect sweet spot. For example, when surrounds are mounted on the back wall, the vertical speaker is firing at the TV rather than the seating area; thereby yielding a subpar overhead experience. In other words, the best 3D surround experience can only be achieved by specific surround speaker placement options. Equipped with the patented PerfectHeight Mechanism, the Dragon’s bipolar surround speakers have upfiring drivers that can be rotated up to 180 degrees to accommodate any environment, giving them an optimal angle regardless of room shape and seating position. They work in tandem with the quad upfiring speakers in the main unit to engulf the entire room with multi-layered overhead effects. Complementing the hardware, Nakamichi’s proprietary Adaptive Height Dispersion (AHD) processing technology allows listeners to further customize height effects to their personal preference with the convenience of a press of the remote.

15 Digital Amplifiers

Composed of an architecture encompassing a combination of 15 digital amplifiers and a peak power output of 3000 watts (125 dB), Dragon possesses incredible firepower. The unique amplifier layout gives Dragon the flexibility to dynamically tailor its channel mapping and surround intensity level to the type of audio being played for optimal listener experience, no matter the genre or number of channels the content uses.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders for the Dragon 11.4.6 Home Surround Sound System will open in Q2 2023 with a tentative MSRP of $3499.

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