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StormAudio Products Now Support Dirac

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment is now available on all StormAudio processors via a new major firmware upgrade.

Dirac and StormAudio have announced the availability of the new Dirac Live Active Room Treatment (ART) add-on in all StormAudio processors.

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment leverages Dirac’s expertise in MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction technology.  It enables spatial optimization, whereby all speakers in a sound system cooperate with each other to accomplish what passive acoustic treatments struggle to achieve. With decay times reduced by the algorithm, listeners will experience a clearer sound without boomy, smeared bass — digitally removing the limitations of the room.

Dirac Live and StormAudio

In many listening spaces, like dedicated home theaters or home entertainment rooms, the bass can present many problems that affect the overall listening experience. Often, the bass can take a long time to decay — or stop bouncing around the room — resulting in ringing or booming. Dirac Live ART automatically evaluates and adjusts the bass characteristics of the entire system. It leverages the strengths of each speaker to make up for any shortcomings in other speakers or the acoustic properties of the room. This effectively turns passive speakers into active support units, strengthening the system overall.

StormAudio’s ISP platform was designed to be future-proof, with modular and flexible upgradeability by hardware and software. On this foundation, the ISP platform can fully support the powerful Dirac Live Active Room Treatment tool.

It is now available on all StormAudio processors and AVRs through the 4.5 firmware update. It is included at no additional fee on all products ordered from January 1, 2023, onward. Products ordered prior to January 1 require a license that can be purchased from Dirac’s website.

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment module will remain an exclusive feature of the StormAudio product line until Q4 2023.

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