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Trinnov Audio Adds Crestron Home Driver

With new release, the company completes its home automation driver suite.

Trinnov has completed its lineup of home automation drivers with the release of the fully certified Crestron Home driver by its partner Janus Technology. This driver is available free of charge from both the Crestron and Janus Technology Dealer Portals.

Trinnov - Crestron

Trinnov Audio has furthered its automation support by adding Crestron Home to its lineup of automation drivers. Crestron Home is fast being adopted by automation dealers and provides a simplified, but no less powerful, alternative to the full Crestron platform.

This driver completes the lineup, for all the major control systems, with drivers available for:

  • Crestron/Crestron Home
  • Control4
  • RTI
  • Elan
  • AMX
  • Savant (in-house)

If your chosen control system is not in the list above, Trinnov has publicly available IR codes and API that are free to download via

“We have been working with Janus Technology for a number of years now,” says David Meyerowitz, technical sales manager – EU, Trinnov Audio. “We believe this is the best way to provide the most reliable and fully featured drivers for our dealers. Trinnov Audio is primarily a software company, but we concede that automation is a specialist field. Therefore, we turn to Richard Caton and his team of engineers to provide the development and support for these drivers. They provide many drivers for many manufacturers, and are ideally positioned to provide these services for us and allow us to use our precious R&D resources to concentrate on what we know best.”

Richard Caton, owner of Janus Technology adds, “We were pleased to be chosen by Trinnov Audio to develop their latest integration for Crestron Home. The solution we developed provides a simple integration of Trinnov into the standard AVR interface in Crestron Home, and complements this with an extension driver, allowing the end user more bespoke control of the powerful advanced features available in the Trinnov Altitude platform such as Preset and Advanced Sound Mode functionality. We look forward to working with Trinnov and supporting their dealers with their integrations, and to extending the capabilities of our drivers as the Altitude platform and the Crestron Home system evolve. “

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