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Lutron and Kaleidescape Partner for an Enhanced Home Theater Experience

Lutron’s flagship HomeWorks lighting control system now integrated with current Kaleidescape players.

Kaleidescape and Lutron Electronics have announced the direct integration of Lutron’s flagship HomeWorks lighting control system with current Kaleidescape players. Utilizing Lutron’s LEAP integration protocol for Homeworks QSX processors, the direct integration of Kaleidescape with HomeWorks provides seamless control of Lutron’s Sivoia QS shades, and Ketra intelligent lighting solutions, giving customers the most realistic in-home cinema experience.

Kaleidescape – Lutron

Only Kaleidescape players are designed to present movies at full reference, with lossless quality audio and unique metadata with cues that enable precise control of lights and shades controlled by a HomeWorks system. By pressing play, Kaleidescape sends information about the movie so the control system can adjust screen masking, lens shift in the projector, and lighting triggers that close the shades and slowly dim the lights; and when the credits roll, the lights come on slowly, to ease you back into the real world. In addition, intermission cues transition you in and out of the story when a break is needed.

“For 60 years, Lutron has been focused on delivering great customer experiences. Now, Lutron and Kaleidescape’s joint customers can relax, sit back, hit play, and watch their entertainment space transform into a cinema as the lighting and shading effortlessly transitions to the best movie watching environment,” explains Sam Chambers, senior director, Residential Systems at Lutron. “By directly integrating HomeWorks and Kaleidescape, customers feel as if they have a commercial cinematic experience in their own home.”

Kaleidescape is the only company that offers metadata, enabling seamless automation capabilities to control systems, and designed from the ground up for the custom integration channel.

“Kaleidescape and Lutron are working together to deliver an unsurpassed cinema experience for private theaters,” says Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “When you combine Lutron’s industry leading lighting control capabilities with Kaleidescape’s ability to deliver the best image and sound on screen, the addition of shading and lighting control truly brings the experience to another level of luxury and enjoyment.”

The direct integration of Lutron’s flagship HomeWorks system with current Kaleidescape players will be available for customers starting in early October 2021.

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