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Wall-Smart Shows Latest Wall and Ceiling Mounts at IBSx 2021

New lineup includes models that support popular products from Control4, Crestron, Savant, and others.

Wall-Smart will showcase several new additions to its range of products at the International Builders’ Show’s virtual experience, taking place online February 9-12, 2021.

Each of Wall-Smart’s new wall and ceiling mounts is custom designed, engineered, and fabricated for a specific home tech product. This attention to detail ensures not only a seamless, completely flush appearance, but also optimal convenience of use and quality of performance. New to the Wall-Smart line are mounts for leading devices, including Control4 T4 touchscreens, Crestron 70 Series touchscreens, Savant Echo low-voltage keypad, Araknis Wi-Fi access points, IC Realtime IPMX-W40F and W20F security cameras, Honeywell 6290W home security keypad, Legrand Adorne light switch, Apple iPad Air4, and more.

Streamlined Security and Surveillance

According to the 2019 edition of NAHB’s study, What Home Buyers Really Want, 46 percent of recent and prospective home buyers want a security camera in their home. Historically, however, cameras have been difficult to hide without hindering their ability to capture video. A new mount from Wall-Smart downplays the appearance of IPMX-W40F and IPMX-W20F security cameras from IC Realtime without any impact on performance. The body of the camera tucks inside a specially designed Wall-Smart mount, leaving only the lens exposed and trimmed with a faceplate.

Creatively Constructed Home Control

To grant homeowners quick and easy access to home control features, touchscreens are best positioned in high-traffic areas. To minimize their appearance in areas like kitchens and foyers, Wall-Smart has introduced new mounts for Control4 and Crestron touchscreens, accommodating sizes of 8 and 10 inches and 5, 7, and 10 inches, respectively. Versions for installation in new construction, retrofit, and solid-surface wall applications are available, as well as a retrofittable low-profile bezel in black, white, or unpainted so as to be custom-painted to material-matched to the adjacent surface. Wall-Smart bezels feature imperceptible perforations to enable clear, uninhibited audio transmission for intercom and voice control via the touchscreen.

Seamless Switches

For construction and remodeling projects that call for low-voltage light switches, Wall-Smart expands its offerings with mounts for the Savant Echo keypad and Legrand Adorne keypad. Both have been designed for new construction, with a solid-surface option for the Savant Echo.

Tucked Away Tablets

Lastly, Wall-Smart debuts new construction and retrofit mounting options for the Apple iPad Air4 tablet. Because tablets are meant for portability, this mount boasts a quick-release feature and built-in POE to USB converter to keep it fully charged.

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