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SnapAV Debuts New OvrC Remote Management and Monitoring Platform

Adds hundreds of enhancements, including all-new mobile app, faster performance, and added support for all SnapAV connected products including Pakedge.

SnapAV has released a major evolution to OvrC and added support for Pakedge products. Hundreds of enhancements across all aspects of the platform make OvrC faster, easier to use, and provide critical information at a glance, all within a mobile app or web-based interface. With the expanding support for Pakedge, OvrC includes one of the largest ecosystems of integrated products from both SnapAV and leading third-party manufacturers.

“SnapAV has led the industry in enabling pros to do more with less via remote monitoring and management with OvrC, BakPak, and Ihiji. Remote management is an essential part of our pros’ businesses, and we obsess over their feedback,” says Charlie Kindel, chief product and technology officer. “The new OvrC is now our single remote management platform for the future, and the enhancements are a direct result of us listening to tens of thousands of customers.”

Yes, you read that right — single remote management platform. SnapAV will be transitioning Bakpak and Ihiji users to OvrC. There is no set deadline for the sunsetting of the two brands, but SnapAV promises that it will “leave no pro behind.”

The new OvrC was sent to over 1000 Beta testers prior to launch, including Todd Anthony Puma of The Source Home Theater and Mark Feinberg of Home Theater Advisors. Read their impressions here.

Here some of the key enhancements to the new OvrC:

  • Easy Access to Vital Information: Every aspect of the new OvrC has been engineered for performance with hundreds of enhancements throughout. Now, it’s even easier for Pros to install quickly, monitor connected devices, and troubleshoot a customer’s system upon request. A new, modern design provides more information at-a-glance, giving pros quick access to the status of a project or a device. The interface is fully responsive, loading twice as fast and dynamically adapting the layout to utilize all available space on the screen. Pros can now quickly access vital information, even when a device is offline.
  • On-the-Go Support: The OvrC mobile app enables pros to support customers from anywhere. New mobile features include the ability to add customers, view a map of all customer sites, configure site and device settings such as wireless SSIDs, guest networks, DHCP reservations, and program automatic reboots with WattBox products, to name a few.
  • Now Includes Pakedge : Now available through an Early Access Beta, Pakedge access points and Ihiji monitoring appliances can be upgraded to OvrC. Through this expanded support, thousands of pros and customers can see the benefits of OvrC without requiring additional hardware to be installed in the home. In future releases, additional Pakedge products will also gain full OvrC support. Once full Pakedge and Ihiji integration is complete, OvrC will become the replacement for BakPak and Invision. Timelines and transition plans will be shared once integrations move out of beta and into full release.

The new OvrC is now available at Existing OvrC users can start experiencing the new OvrC immediately by logging into their OvrC account at