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GIK Acoustics Offers New Screen Panel

GIK Acoustics is now offering its new Screen Panel.

GIK Acoustics is now offering its new Screen Panel.

The GIK Acoustics Screen Panel measures 32-inch W x 72-inch H x 3.5-inch thick (also available in custom sizes), a total of 16.8 square feet of treatment.

A gobo refers to a movable acoustic isolation panel. Gobo panels are used to control the acoustical properties of a room by absorbing and diffusing sound waves to treat unwanted reverb or to separate two or more musicians so they may play in the same room at the same time whilst being mic’d separately.

The applications for the Screen Panel are numerous: when it’s unfolded it behaves like the company’s 242 Acoustic Panel, which makes it ideal as a vocal booth, around a drum kit or guitar amp, used in early reflection points of the room or to help eliminate slap echo from side walls. When it’s folded it behaves like the company’s 244 Bass Trap, straddling the corners or mounted on the front wall. Fold it into a “V” shape and put it on the back wall to help manage nasty low end peaks and nulls.