GreenIQ Delivers Smart Garden Control Integration with Crestron

Smart Garden Hub Manages Irrigation with Custom Home, Outdoor Automation
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IoT startup and smart, wireless irrigation controller manufacturer,  GreenIQ , is looking to lead the smart garden revolution with its latest integration with luxury building and home automation systems provider, Crestron.

Through Crestron’s touch screens or a smartphone, Crestron customers can now fully automate and monitor and manage irrigation schedules through the combined use of intelligent soil and moisture sensors and hyper-local weather information. This potentially saves Crestron customers up to 50 percent on outdoor water consumption.

Through the dashboard and mobile app, customers can monitor and gain key insights about their green spaces, such as a potential leakage or insufficient water flow. Thanks to by GreenIQ’s connected garden ecosystem, customers can automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on hyper-localized weather information from Netatmo’s Weather Station and Rain Gauge as well as soil moisture and plant sensor data from Parrot’s Flower Power, Koubachi, and/or PlantLink.

“According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, almost half of Americans either own or plan to invest in smart home technology in 2016. Our goal is meet this demand by continually expanding our ecosystem of sensors and devices to help make also outdoor spaces smarter,” said Odi Dahan, CEO at GreenIQ. “We are thrilled to have joined forces with Crestron, as it means we are now able to bring the same level of control and convenience that consumers have come to expect indoors to the outdoors, while also helping their residential and professional lawn care customers to more easily manage, save money, conserve water and improve the overall health of their green spaces.”

GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub was recently recognized as a finalist at the 3C Smart Cities Challenge for its innovative approach to the connected garden and positive impact on water conservation. The competition was held in Tel Aviv with cooperation from the Brazilian government, Italian group, Planet Idea, the Tel Aviv University center for entrepreneurship, Startau, and the Israeli innovation center.

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub and driver for Crestron are available through its distributor, HouseLogix.