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Leviton Launches Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller

In-wall lighting control station can adjust individual devices, room scenes, or whole home activities.

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi

A new professionally-installed smart lighting control offering is now available with the launch of the Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller (part number DW4BC). The multi-button wall station allows users to adjust light fixtures and overhead ceiling fans connected to Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices in a single room or throughout the whole home with the push of a button. The station features four individual buttons whose functions can be programmed for each specific customer’s needs via the My Leviton app and are compatible with Leviton’s Decora Smart line of dimmers, switches and plug-in outlets for easy integration and control.

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller provides professionals with an in-wall solution for their customers to control multiple Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices, room lighting and/or fan speed control scenes, and whole house activities from a single device, reducing visual clutter and simplifying control. The 4-Button controller does not connect directly to a light fixture but rather sends commands to Decora Smart Wi-Fi lighting products including dimmers, switches, and smart plugs throughout the entire home. It requires a neutral ground wire for installation. Up to eight DW4BC’s may be utilized in a single My Leviton residence.

Commands for each individual button can be set up for customers through the My Leviton app. These commands can control a single Decora Smart Wi-Fi device, such as having the top button turn on the overhead lights and an overhead fan in a bedroom and having the bottom button turn them off. The commands for the buttons can also be used to create room scenes like “Movie Time,” as well as whole-home activities such as “Go to Bed.”

Each of the four buttons feature a vanishing feedback LED to provide a clear visual indication when a button is pressed. An LED mode causes the LED to glow, allowing homeowners to see the buttons even when the room is dark. If the controller is in a bedroom or other light-sensitive area, the LEDs can be turned off.

The 4-Button Controller matches the Decora form factor and styling for a seamless and consistent aesthetic with other devices in a room or throughout the home. The 4-Button Controller ships in white but has color change kits available to match popular interior décor including Light Almond, Ivory, Black, Brown and Gray.

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