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Lutron Releases Smart Shades, Revamps Caseta Wireless Control Features

Lutron released several enhancements to its Caséta Wireless system.

Lutron released several enhancements to its Caséta Wireless system. The improvements include: an expanded line of compatible thermostats, new controls for in-wall and in-ceiling lights, and new ways to integrate Caséta Wireless with other familiar, connected home products. The company has also developed the ability to control Lutron shades using its HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge providing users with simple, convenient control of some of the most frequently used products in their homes. Lutron introduced the Caséta Wireless system in 2014 as an affordable connected home solution ideal for smaller areas. 

The improved lighting controls include a new 1000 watt dimmer works with incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 1000 watts) as well as dimmable LEDs and CFLs (up to 250 watts). Ideal for lights that don’t need to be dimmed, a new neutral switch controls up to six amps of in-wall and in-ceiling lights or 3.6 amps of ceiling fan loads.

Earlier this year, Lutron released an Apple HomeKit-enabled product—its Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, which allows users to control their lights via Siri using their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. Adding Lutron shade support to the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge provides a more streamlined user experience and a third option for controlling Lutron devices in the home. The other two options—the Lutron App and Pico Wireless remote control—were introduced last year.

The HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge (a DIY solution) supports Serena battery-powered shades, while the Smart Bridge PRO (a professionally installed solution) supports Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon wireless shades (both roller and fashion honeycomb styles), plus Sivoia QS drapery tracks, the Kirbé vertical drapery system, tensioned shades, pleated shades, and Roman shades.

“Using something familiar, like Siri, to control a home’s lights and shades simplifies the concept of the connected home and makes it easier than ever for people to be in control of their space,” said Matt Swatsky, director of product management at Lutron. “Simply saying ‘Hey Siri, turn on the lights’ or ‘Siri, open the shades’ results in an experience which feels very natural and is completely integrated with your iOS device. Also, people can set Serena shades to a desired level in scenes like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ with other HomeKit compatible accessories so that you can enable everyday experiences using Siri.”

In the event that your Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm detects smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, Caséta Wireless lights will turn on and your Lutron shades will open to help occupants find their way.

Users can also get notifications on Android Wear if lights haven’t been turned off after you’ve left the house—a great way to save energy when the home is vacant.

Caséta Wireless kits and Lutron shading solutions are available with suggested list prices starting at $80 and $349, respectively. Visit or to find a local reseller. The free Lutron App is available on iTunes and Google Play.