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Monitor Audio Unveils Platinum In-Wall II

Monitor Audio has reprised its latest flagship Platinum II hi-fi speakers for discreet in-wall applications.

Monitor Audio has reprised its latest flagship Platinum II hi-fi speakers for discreet in-wall applications. 

The Platinum In-Wall II is a three-way reference architectural speaker system. Equipped with an adjustable mid/high frequency driver array, the speaker is able to deliver accurate audio imaging and consistency from both vertical or horizontal positions. By rotating the array though 90 degrees at the center of an LCR configuration, a soundstage of three Platinum In-Wall IIs will generate the tonal integrity of high end boxed systems from a discreet in-wall location. 

The In-Wall’s cabinet is as free of mechanical resonance as possible. Its heavily dampened and cross-braced composite structure of steel back plate and 25mm (1 inch) MDF joins a front baffle made of Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) material, designed to provide an optimally rigid and stable foundation for the drivers. 

Twin 6.5-inch RDT II bass drivers are positioned astride a center pairing of Platinum II’s Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) High Frequency Air Motion Ribbon Transducer and 4-inch RDT II mid-range driver. The MPD transducer has a surface area around eight times that of a conventional dome, allowing for greater efficiency and lower distortion. Bonded to the diaphragm’s surface, the driver coil takes the form of a conductive track, which is light and able to reproduce low-level nuances with higher definition. In tandem with lower native distortion, the absence of diaphragm break-up modes ensures that high frequencies are accurate and faithful to the original recording. 

Engineered to partner the tweeter’s impressive fidelity, the mid-range driver uses a RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology generation II) cone, comprising thin skins of C-CAM and woven carbon-fibre, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex core. Developed specifically for Platinum II, this light and rigid structure lowers distortion by a further 8dB above 300Hz, making it the lowest distortion cone technology in Monitor Audio’s history. The In-Wall’s lightning-fast RDT II mid-driver dovetails with its MPD tweeter in a dampened and sealed enclosure to generate a clear and expressive sonic quality from 300Hz to over 100kHz. Below 300Hz, dual, dished, 6.5-inch RDT II bass drivers, optimized for sealed box operation, are designed for high excursions with extremely low signal distortion. 

A matte-black baffle allows the Platinum In-Wall II to be used behind a screen in a blacked-out custom theater setting. Alternatively the grille can be painted to match room decor. Magnetic grille fixings provide a convenient way to fix and remove the grilles during installation or servicing. Additional room-tuning is available through baffle-mounted mid and high frequency level controls (+1/0/-1 dB).

The Platinum In-Wall II is optimized for in-wall applications and is capable of accurate audio reproduction from 52Hz to 100 KHz for discreet high performance multi-channel sound.