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Niles, Sunfire Enhance Mexico City Home

A successful audio system relies on high-quality speakers that are heard without being seen. That’s why, when a Mexico City-based homeowner asked local AV integration firm Inteliksa to design a new entertainment system in their completed, custom-designed home, installation director Enrique Granados set out to incorporate “hidden” audio solutions from Niles and Sunfire.

“The goal was to build an immersive sound system in the entertainment room and throughout the home without hindering the look of the house, which was gut-renovated and professionally designed three years prior,” Granados said. “We based the new audio system on Niles and Sunfire solutions because of their ability to provide beat-bumping sound while seamlessly blending into the ceiling, walls, and cabinets throughout the space.”

The family room features Niles in-ceiling speakers 

The Inteliksa team installed Niles CM7PR in-ceiling speakers paired with Niles MP6R in-wall speakers to create a surround sound system. To complement the Nile system, Inteliksa installed two Sunfire HRS subwoofers to deliver powerful bass.

“Niles provides a unique sound experience, while Sunfire adds the perfect bass punch from hidden locations,” Granados said. “Together, they create a 360-degree audio experience for the homeowner.”

Inteliska relied on Niles IR Emitters and Baluns for the safe transmission of signals over long distances within the home. “Working with reliable products is one of the keys to developing a successful project,” Granados explained. “At Inteliksa, we make careful decisions on every device installed, no matter how small. Niles IR Emitters and Baluns are key to ensuring the control of much of the equipment in this project.”

Granados protected the new audio system throughout the entire house, including in the dedicated cinema room, with a Panamax M5400-PM to minimize any potential effects from Mexico’s unstable electrical grid. “We have been using Panamax for more than 15 years to protect our installations and regulate voltage coming into the equipment,” he said. “It’s absolutely necessary to so do in Mexico, where power is unreliable.”

With the audio system upgrade beginning almost three years after the original home renovation was completed, the Inteliksa team faced many challenges during the installation. “For one, we had to exercise maximum care to avoid interfering with the lives of the inhabitants of the house as we worked in a central space,” Granados commented. “We also experienced several hang-ups during the renovation process. For example, since part of the renovation took place in the basement, we found out that we had to lower the floor to add 30 more centimeters of ceiling height and add two steps in the entertainment room so that the quality standards required by the system were fulfilled.”

Despite the many challenges facing the Inteliksa team, they were ultimately successful in building an effective yet nearly invisible entertainment system. “We were asked from the beginning of this project to go about it in a ‘minimalist’ way so as not to influence the design,” Granados completed. “With Niles and Sunfire audio solutions, we were able to make this a reality.”

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