Nortek Security & Control Develops EverThere Cloud Platform for Proactive Care

EverThere Expands on the Numera Libris Mobile Personal Safety and Emergency Response Solution
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Nortek Security & Control has developed Numera EverThere, a health and safety solution for healthy aging, which connects seniors with their loved ones through real-time monitoring and timely notifications. 

Working in conjunction with the Numera Libris device, EverThere facilitates a proactive, team-based approach to caring for elders and ill or disabled family members. EverThere gives caregivers visibility into an individual’s health and wellness, including their daily activities, their movement, and their location — all directly connected through this cloud service.

Today, health management and safety products are largely reactive – you fall and are unable to get up, so you push a button. Numera EverThere changes this paradigm by integrating personal safety and emergency response with a proactive cloud-monitoring service so seniors and their families have the tools to track and share important health and activity information, allowing for proactive engagement and intervention.

EverThere is a service and an open cloud platform that works with the Numera Libris, a 3G connected, GPS-enabled two-way voice communication device that can issue instant, customized notifications to caregivers and loved ones. For example, members of the care team can choose to be notified by email or text if a fall occurs, no motion has been detected for a predetermined amount of time, an emergency is reported, or if other events occur. The single-button pendant connects directly to emergency services so a user is never alone or helpless.

“In focusing on helping seniors live healthier longer, we believe it’s important to include family members, neighbors, and close personal friends for encouragement, support, and to a degree, accountability for adhering to their treatment plans," said Tim Smokoff, group vice president, health and wellness, Nortek Security & Control. "Numera EverThere’s analytics engine provides timely insight into a senior’s overall health and wellness, and proactive notifications of important health and safety events.” 

The EverThere cloud service links personal security with Nortek’s home security and control systems and brings together active plus passive monitoring, both home and away. 

“Over time, EverThere’s Health & Wellness service will allow our dealers, service providers and partners in the home/connected business market to build upon EverThere’s open platform, allowing them to further differentiate their offerings,” said Rob Halligan, group vice president of marketing at Nortek Security & Control.