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OneVision Resources Essentials+ Program Empowers Home Technology Professionals to Monetize the Demand for After-Hours Support

New OneVision Membership Structure Enhances the Profitability of Home Technology Businesses by Providing a Sustainable Model for Delivering Service

A new support membership option from OneVision Resources, called Essentials+, is designed to monetize the growing demand for round-the-clock service in the connected home. OneVision enables home technology professionals on its platform to capitalize on this shift in consumer expectations, creating a more sustainable and profitable framework to run their service operations. These HTPs will continue to provide instant free access to high-quality support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while their Essentials+ members will receive access to this support after hours and on weekends/holidays.

One Vision has found that providing complimentary after-hours service is an ever-increasing burden on HTPs, which can become overwhelming and lead to reduced profits and employee burnout. This type of “one-size-fits-all” service and support also fails to deliver an elevated experience to those clients who are willing to pay a premium for additional benefits.

OneVision’s Essentials+ membership enables HTPs on its platform to avoid these pitfalls by implementing a paid service and support model that has already been proven in related industries. By making this membership available to their clients, HTPs on the OneVision platform are able to meet expectations for a basic level of free support during normal business hours, while monetizing the demand for after-hours availability. This model ensures that service and support can be consistently and sustainably delivered after hours to clients who are interested in premium services.

“We believe it’s time to rethink the delivery of service and support in the smart home, giving HTPs the opportunity to create a consistent support experience and additional revenue streams through support memberships,” said OneVision founder and CEO Joseph Kolchinsky. “With our Essentials+ membership, HTPs on our platform improve the sustainability and profitability of their businesses by creating a tiered membership structure which focuses on the delivery of a premium service and support experience, even after hours.”

To ensure a smooth support experience, OneVision has developed technology to automatically route email requests from eligible clients straight to the support team while providing an upgrade path in the moment to non-eligible members who wish to receive support right away. Separately, OneVision has added a new “client concierge” team whose job it will be to answer all phone calls to verify memberships, engage in membership upgrade conversations when appropriate, and provide a warm handoff to the support team once a client is verified as eligible. The new OneVision concierge team will enhance the overall support experiences by ensuring that all clients hear a human voice on their first phone call while also reserving support resources to focus on providing support.

To ensure a turnkey rollout of these services to all HTPs on the OneVision platform, OneVision’s support, training, and marketing teams work behind the scenes to facilitate the rollout, including informing the HTP’s clients of the changes and training their teams on the new processes and messaging. All support systems, including ticketing, marketing, and on-call management platforms, which OneVision implements and manages on behalf of HTPs, are automatically updated by OneVision’s team on the day the partner launches the Essentials+ membership structure.

OneVision also provides turnkey marketing campaigns to inform and educate clients about the new offering. OneVision supports HTPs every step of the way, with email campaigns, communication guidance, terms of service updates and system updates necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

“We are excited to be able to offer a low-cost option for our clients to receive support 24/7,” said Bryan Mills, president at Mills Technologies. “Essentials+ will provide our clients with access to the high-quality, reliable service on which we’ve built our reputation, and will allow us to do so in a sustainable manner that provides our team the work/life balance they deserve. OneVision makes this transition easy by managing the entire process on our behalf, from systems and training to communication with our clients.”

OneVision’s partner development team is in the process of deploying this new membership structure across its entire partner base and expects to have it available to all 35,000 homes this year. Those HTPs interested in joining the OneVision platform will be able to leverage this new offering at the outset of the relationship.