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Pantel’s Weatherproof TVs

Two outdoor, weatherproof LCD HDTVs in 32-inch and 42-inch screen sizes are now shipping to Pantel’s select, yet growing, dealer base. Beyond being weatherproof, Pantel TVs come complete with an RF wireless package that allows the user to broadcast HD audio and video wirelessly up to 150 feet. Pantel’s LCD TVs are designed to survive the elements.

Additional features include native resolution of 720p (1336 x 768); contrast ratio of 1600:1; waterproof remote; super-bright panel that can be used anywhere inside or outside the home, designed specifically for viewing outside during the middle of the day; and ultra-wide 85/85-degree (H/V) viewing angle.

Most recently, Pantel added three new screen sizes to its line. Now, along with the already available 32- and 42-inch screens, Pantel now offers 20-, 52-, and 65-inch models (now available as special orders; 30 days from order to receipt).

Pantels 32- and 42-inch outdoor weatherproof TVs have already made their mark in the industry by providing a unique outdoor experience second-to-none, explained Joe Pantel, CEO of Surfside Concepts and Pantel Corp. Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof TVs have changed the way people entertain. With the weather being a threat to what most people can do outside to entertain, Pantel Corp. makes it easy without worry. Now, we offer even more solutions with five different screen sizes to meet the needs of nearly every application.

Pantels new outdoor weatherproof 52-inch (PAN-520) and 65-inch (PAN-650) LCD screens come available with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1080 (480i to 1080p) native resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio. The new 20-inch (PAN-200) LCD screen has a 700:1 contrast ratio, 1366 x 768 (480i to 1080i) native resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Additional features of Pantels outdoor weatherproof LCD HDTVs include:

Native resolution (32- and 42-inch models): 1080i
Contrast ratio (32- and 42-inch models): 1600:1
Remote: waterproof
HDMI inputs: one
– rain/snow shielded
– wind/dust shielded
– operable from -40 degrees – +140 degrees Fahrenheit
Super bright panel; can be used anywhere inside or outside the home, designed specifically for viewing outside during the middle of the day
Ultra-Wide 85/85 Degree (H/V) viewing angle; the picture will look clear and bright even at extremely wide viewing angles
Anti-glare/anti-reflective screen material for outdoor daytime use
– PAN-650 (65-inch): $25,999
– PAN-520 (52-inch): $9,999
– PAN-420 (42-inch): $4,450
– PAN-320 (32-inch): $3,950
– PAN-200 (20-inch): $2,999

Pantels proprietary dual-flow ventilation system keeps Pantel TVs cool when its hot and its state-of-the-art heating system creates heat to keep Pantel TVs working in colder climates. Pantel also has an Anti-Reflective glass screen that projects the suns glare out of the viewing angle so you can enjoy watching a Pantel TV in any weather setting.

Pantel TVs can come in customizable packages that include mounting solutions and dust covers.