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Planar Systems Xscreen

Planar Home Systems has introduced the Xscreen front-projection system that delivers twice as much brightness and contrast as a traditional screen, even in a fully lit room. Coming in a range of diagonal viewing sizes, from 60 inches to 100 inches, Xscreen offers onboard connectivity to various digital sources, and a handsome design inspired in look by the sleekness of plasma displays.

Xscreen effectively eliminates reflection from other light sources, using the company’s innovative Daytime Film Technology, a specially designed film surface that produces a super-sharp, vivid and colorful image–in practically any lighting situation.The surface features a 4mm layer of hardened glass beneath the actual screen surface. This guarantees that the screen is perfectly flat and virtually refraction-proof.

Xscreen Plus is fully loaded with all the features of Xscreen, and then advanced to the next level with integrated connectivity. This means DVD’s game consoles, digital cameras, and a host of other digital sources are all compatible and plug right into the Xscreen.What’s more, six video sources, advanced video processing, and a projector are all controlled by one remote.

Product Specifications:

Component and RGB HDTV (720p,1080i)
DVI/HDMI with HDCP for digital video and encrypted digital video
Component EDTV (480p,576p progressive scan).
Component, Composite and S-Video standard video (480i,576i,576i RGB SCART,NTSC,NTSC M 4.43,PAL:B,G,H,I,M,N;SECAM:M)

Digital and analog PC, Macintosh
Picture enhancements: Advanced scaling and full 1080i deinterlacing, PiP, PoP, split screen, and advanced picture control

Dual video:
Component, composite, and S-video

(480p/720p/1080i) from external HDTV decoder

Digital and Analog up to SXGA (60Hz)

Output:DVI up to 720p

Remote: Infrared remote controller
Power Supply: 100V – 240V at 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature: 10-40C at sea level
Gain: 2.0 Daytime film technology

Physical Specs:
60-, 70-, and 100-inch models
Dimensions: 150cm x 87cm x 8cm // 179cm x 103cm x 8cm // 198cm x 114cm x 8cm // 243cm x 138cm x 9.5cm
Weight: (Xscreen): 64lbs/29kg, 77lbs/35kg, 93lbs/42kg,132lbs/60kg
Weight (Xscreen Plus): 73lbs/33kg,86lbs/39kg, 101lbs/46kg,N/A

Inputs and Outputs:
2 Component (RCA): HDTV and standard TV input
3 S-video:Standard TV video input
3 Composite (RCA): Standard TV video input
1 SCART RGB:Composite input
4 Stereo RCA jacks:L+R audio inputs
1 Stereo RCA jack:L+R output
1 3.5mm Stereo mini-jacks:Audio inputs
1 DVI:DVI HDTV with HDCP input and output
1 VGA:Standard computer input and output
1 AC:AC inlet
1 RF input antenna:UHF/VHF
1 RS232for software upgrade
2×10 watt Speaker outputs

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