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Pro Audio Technology Shipping SCRS-6c-iw In-Wall/Ceiling Speaker

Pro Audio Technology (PRO) is now shipping its SCRS-6c-iw in-wall and in-ceiling speaker.

Pro Audio Technology (PRO) is now shipping its SCRS-6c-iw in-wall and in-ceiling speaker. Though compact at 8 inches square and only 3.9 inches deep, the SCRS-6c-iw features a high-output design.

The 6.5-inch professional-grade driver features a common magnet for both the high-output woofer and coaxially mounted, high-sensitivity compression tweeter. This unique magnet design keeps driver depth to a minimum, allowing the SCRS-6c-iw to fit comfortably into a standard 2×4 stud-construction wall. The SCRS-6c-iw is highly efficient, with sensitivities of 93dB and 103dB per 1 watt input for the woofer and compression tweeter, respectively. The result is sound which is lively, with high dynamic contrast and full bandwidth even at low listening levels. The SCRS-6c-iw includes a passive crossover network so it can be driven with a single amplifier channel. Like all PRO loudspeakers, the SCRS-6c-iw requires a PRO DSP amplifier for high-pass filtration and response contouring.

While the dynamic capability of this small speaker makes it well suited for surround and immersive audio systems in home theaters, media, or multiuse rooms, the SCRS-6c-iw also excels as a distributed audio speaker throwing full sound in a very wide, 100-degree pattern. The SCRS-6c-iw is a low-cost addition to the SCRS speaker roundup, allowing customers to achieve high quality distributed audio with fewer loudspeakers, no matter the setup.

“We’re excited that the SCRS-6c-iw is now available nationwide,” said Paul Hales, president of Pro Audio Technology. “It is the perfect speaker for distributed audio needs. The SCRS-6c-iw is a uniquely small speaker that packs serious punch, providing rich, full sound to rooms large or small.”

The SCRS-6C-iw is now available for purchase directly from any authorized Pro Audio Technology resellers in the U.S.