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Savant Announces Savant Central Management and Savant Studio

Savant Central Management and Savant Studio App deliver secure, cloud-based project management along with intuitive configuration of entry-level systems

Savant has announced the addition of Savant Central Management and Savant Studio to their software and services suite.

Savant Central Management is a cloud-based integrator tool (accessed by mobile device, PC, or Mac) that delivers secure access to every Savant deployment. This includes software revision tracking, remote diagnostics, time/date stamped systems logs, host maintenance and configuration capabilities.

At the core of Savant Central Management is the capability to protect the integrator and their clients with permission-based secure access. With Savant Central Management, integrators can create internal access tiers – allowing limited access to a client’s home and data. In addition, via the Savant Pro App, clients will be asked to consent to remote system access by the integrator for as little as an hour or as long as the project requires. All permissions are time and date stamped.

With Savant Central Management, integrators will be alerted to service opportunities and they can provide many critical tasks remotely including software releases, firmware updates, access to revision history, host logs, and more.

Savant Studio is an iOS-based, field configuration tool for entry level end-to-end system design and deployment. Utilizing Savant’s new S2 Host at the core, Studio supports the full range of features and services with Savant music, lighting, climate, and more.

Now system configuration can be done via Savant Blueprint software on a Mac or via Savant Studio on an iPad. With the introduction of Savant Central Management, all project files, configurations, and revision management history are stored in the cloud. For the ultimate in deployment flexibility, configurations created in Blueprint can be accessed via Savant Studio and vice versa.

Savant Studio and Savant Central Management represent a critical opportunity for integrators to modernize their business practices, including addressing client security and privacy policies, creating scalable programming and service teams, and developing auditing practices for field service, employee access, and system/software versions across all installations.

Savant Studio and Savant Central Management will be available to all Savant integrators in Q3 2018, with beta deployments nationwide going on now.

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