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Screen Excellence’s TAM Screens

Bellingham, WA — Screen Excellence, the relatively new manufacturer of acoustically transparent, moiré-free projection screens, announced the availability of fixed masking screens named TAM, for True Aspect Masking.

Pricing for the 2.37 native aspect ratio projection screen with lateral masks starts at $12,000 for a 70-inch wide viewable area. These models are available in standard sizes up to 160 inches wide. Custom sizes can be made on quotation.

Much like in a commercial cinema, the Screen Excellence TAM screen is masked to eliminate annoying black or grey bars on the sides of the picture when Cinemascope movies are viewed. Black, acoustically transparent masks roll in from each side to mask down to the picture’s true aspect ratio – anywhere from Widescreen (2.37:1) to NTSC (4:3). Black masking also improves perceived picture contrast ratio, further enhancing viewing.

TAM screens also blend better with the decor. The frame is the narrowest on the market today at 3.7 inches wide all the way around, compared with double or triple that for most other masking screens. Depth is a 5.3 inches, leaving more room for a bigger picture and more seating in the room.

TAM screens can be controlled in a variety of ways to suit various home theater control parameters. Screens are available in 2.37:1 aspect ratio and standard viewing area widths starting at 70 inches. TAM is the most elegant and design-friendly fixed masking screen on the market today.

Key features of TAM Screens

  • Built from the ground up for today’s constant height projection systems.
  • Eliminates annoying black or grey bars on the sides of the picture for dramatically increased perceived contrast ratio.
  • Fully adjustable Acoustically Transparent (AT) black masking curtains from 2.37 to 1.33 and anywhere in between for widest range of cinemascope or other aspect ratios.
  • Can be fitted with either EN1 or EN2 award winning, acoustically neutral, moiré free, non-hotspotting matte white screen materials.
  • Includes AT black backing layer to eliminate light blow back from back wall
  • Smallest form factor on the market today. 3.7-inch wide super study frame, 5.3-inch total depth. Can’t discern from everyday fixed frame installations when curtains are stowed.
  • Lightweight. Typical 120-inch wide model only 225 lbs.
  • Acoustically transparent masking panels elegantly roll in from the sides like commercial movie theater curtains.
  • Hides all three front speakers, even subwoofers, without any frequency roll off or comb filtering. 1.5 db of level loss due to screen; 1 db loss due to AT masks.
  • Rich velour covered frame with radiused design for optimal absorption of over-scanned images.Available in sizes from 70 to 160 inches wide (viewable area). Custom sizes and aspect ratios available for quotation.
  • Whisper quiet, independent left and right motors assure precise alignment.
  • Wide range of motor control options: IR, RF, RS232.