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Ajax Systems Adds WaterStop Water Shutoff Valve

In case of a water leak, the electric actuator will shut off the water in five seconds, which equals just a liter of water.

Ajax Systems has unveiled WaterStop, a water shutoff valve with remote control. It helps to build a fully automated leak prevention system with professional security technology reliability. The device consists of a valve and an electric actuator that shuts off the water automatically, by command from the Ajax app or a button pressed on-site.

Ajax Systems WaterStop Leak Detector

Being a part of an Ajax security system, WaterStop adopted all the signature technologies proven by time. The actuator works on batteries for up to three years while being able to shut off the water in a matter of seconds. A command to do this is delivered by the Jeweller radio protocol which has a range of up to 1100 meters and features encryption, frequency hopping, and jamming detection.

Secure and wireless installation is a distinctive feature of WaterStop. Compact dimensions, tampering alerts of dismantling, a lock for places with public access, and a lever for manual control all work against typical troubles. The device is connected and set up in the Ajax apps on-site or remotely.

WaterStop consists of two elements. The first is a quality valve from Bonomi Industries, one of the market leaders. It can be one of three sizes: 1/2-, 3/4-, or 1-inch, featuring a standard ISO 5211 mount. All valves are suitable for hot and cold water.

The second element of WaterStop is Ajax’s 8.2-newton electric actuator, which plays the role of a control unit for the valve. It has two powering options: four CR123A batteries and a connector for 9 V. But even on batteries only, WaterStop will work for up to three years, enabling simple, wireless installation.

All the electronic components are protected against overheating and can work at an ambient temperature of up to 60 degrees C. At the same time, WaterStop can be installed on a pipe with a water temperature of up to 120 degrees C.


In case of a water leak, the electric actuator will shut off the water in five seconds. With a damaged 3/4-inch pipe, five seconds equals just a liter of water.

The Ajax app gives system users full awareness and control over the water supply. They can see the valve status, receive instant notifications, and shut off the valve with a tap on a smartphone. The interface features the event log that records every action within the system.

With the PRO apps, plumbers and security professionals can set up various automation scenarios to keep a facility dry without user intervention. The water can be shut off in response to a leak detector alarm, turned on and off according to a schedule, or even synchronized with the security mode. Automation scenarios are set up in a few clicks, both on-site and remotely.

The device has compact dimensions and can be installed in one of four positions. If necessary, the electric actuator can be easily removed from the valve during installation in a few seconds without tools. It makes the device easy to maintain and is crucial in an emergency when a plumber needs instant access to the valve.

WaterStop exchanges data with an Ajax hub using the Jeweller radio protocol. Jeweller establishes encrypted, energy-efficient communication at a distance of up to 1100 meters without range extenders. The range extender doubles the radio communication distance and allows installation even in isolated rooms or deep basements. Connecting ReX 2 to the hub via an Ethernet cable will enable WaterStop to remain online despite thick walls.

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