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Ring Alarm Pro Now Available

Features a built-in eero TrueMesh Wi-Fi 6 router, and is available for homes and, in an expanded version, jobsite security.

Ring Alarm Pro is now available on starting at $249.99, offering home security and connectivity with fewer devices. This device is also available for professional builders, integrators, and contractors with Ring Jobsite Security. With Ring Alarm Pro at its core, Ring Jobsite security combines a professionally monitored home security system, internet connectivity, and network security to monitor and protect job sites. Ring Jobsite Security is available exclusively at starting at $399.99.

Ring Alarm Pro – Lifestyle

Ring Alarm Pro delivers smart security and professional monitoring with reliable connectivity from an eero Wi-Fi 6 router.  Here’s how Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Jobsite Security protect and connect your homes and new home builds:

  • Whole-Home Security: Ring Alarm Pro comes with standard alarm features, including contact sensors, motion detectors, and professional monitoring — all in a single device to alert you the moment it detects smoke, leaks, and other emergencies.
  • A Built-in Router: A built-in eero TrueMesh Wi-Fi 6 router connects all of the devices in their home with reliable and secure internet.
  • Internet Backup: Ring Alarm Pro is built to help customers monitor and protect their homes from all of today’s threats. Even if there’s an internet outage, home security devices and other important connected devices, like laptops and security cameras, will stay connected and online with optional 24/7 Backup Internet.
  • Ring Protect Pro: Along with Ring Alarm Pro, Ring Protect Pro, a new subscription service offers features like cloud video storage for cameras, local video storage, and processing and professional monitoring. Stay connected with Ring Protect Pro with 24/7 Backup Internet for devices connected to a selected wifi network, cybersecurity features with eero Secure, a hands-free emergency helpline with Alexa Guard Plus, and more—all for $20/month or $200/year per location.

Ring Alarm Pro

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