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Sencore’s MP500 MediaPro Handheld Generator and HDMI Analyzer

Sioux Falls, SD – Sencore’s multimedia MP500 MediaPro is a battery-powered, portable audiovideo signal generator and HDMI analyzer.

The MP500 can quickly analyze the HDMI ports on HDMI 1.3 devices such as HDTVs, projectors, players, repeaters, AV receivers, and set-top boxes. In addition, the MP500 tests multi-format, multi-resolution component (YPrPb) and RGB video inputs along with SPDIF and TOS-Link audio inputs. The MP500’s portability makes it ideal for lab bench, repair center, and field troubleshooting applications. The color touchscreen interface is designed to optimize workflow through all applications.

The MP500 is equipped with numerous static video patterns and a motion Zone Plate pattern for detecting video artifacts during high-end video installations. Custom bitmaps can also be imported. Audio test patterns are available through the HDMI output on all eight channels at sampling rates up to 192kHz at 24 bits.

A variety of troubleshooting features are included to assist with HDMI interface related problems. EDID and HDCP tests are provided to test an HDTV or a repeater’s input port. A CEC check can be initiated to view the CEC devices in an HDMI system. The MP500 also includes an HDMI input port for emulating an HDMI sink device. It enables testing of the audio and video of an HDMI source device, including video content protected with HDCP. The HDMI input is provisioned with an EDID to test a source’s response.

The product is available for immediate ordering and will begin shipping in June 2009. Price: $4,995.