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Sonos’s Digital Music System

Sonos is recruiting new dealers for its new Digital Music System.***image1***

Carlsbad, CA–Sonos is recruiting new dealers for its new Digital Music System.

Sonos’s multi-zone system is equipped with a wireless, handheld full-color LCD screen controller that lets consumers play digital music in any location.

The Sonos ZonePlayer is a networked audio player that distributes, plays and amplifies music in any “zone” in the home. The Sonos Controller is a wireless handheld device with a full-color screen which allows the user to access, customize and control the music anywhere.

The ZonePlayer offers a compact 50-watts/channel amplifier with component-quality audio specifications. The ZonePlayer can access and play a variety of music formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC (MPEG4) and WAV, stored on a PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage (NAS), and comes bundled with customizable Internet Radio stations. Built-in wired and wireless capabilities provide the consumer flexibility of installation at no extra cost.

The Controller’s LCD screen and touch-sensitive scroll wheel provide lets consumers play the same song synchronously in every room or play different songs in different rooms, while queuing favorites for the evening. The high-resolution LCD shows what is playing in any zone at any time, including album art when available.

Network set-up is simple as the system automatically configures a secure wireless mesh network that links the consumer’s existing digital music library to the ZonePlayers and Controllers. The systems modular design allows the user to decide upon the number of ZonePlayers and Controllers needed based upon lay-out of the home and personal needs.

“Until today, the challenge digital music lovers faced was how to free the music from the constraints of the PC and enjoy it throughout the home,” said Sonos CEO John MacFarlane. “The Sonos Digital Music System has been designed from scratch to solve the well known set-up and control problems so that digital music lovers can enjoy all their music all over their home and control if from the palm of their hand as if it is one giant juke box. The System will change the way people enjoy digital music at home.”

In support of the new product, Sonos will provide Monday through Saturday customer service and a 30-day return policy. The Sonos Digital Music System will ship this fall and will be sold online and at select retailers. Each ZonePlayer will retail for $499. Each Controller will retail for $399. Sonos will offer an introductory bundle of two ZonePlayers and a Controller for $1,199.

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