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Terra Adds New Line of Outdoor Speakers

Terra is adding a new line to its All Climate Series of all weather speakers

Terra is adding a new line to its All Climate Series of all weather speakers. The FIVE Series of products serves as a revamped version of Terra’s AC (All Climate) Original Line. FIVE was conceived through feedback from Terra’s installers, dealers, and other professionals in the field. As with all of Terra’s outdoor products, they are American made and backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Developed with support from the Maine Technology Institute, FIVE is manufactured in Brunswick, ME. Available in three models, the speakers are relevant in a variety of installations, from landscaping installs (the smaller FIVE 1 in particular) to outdoor theater and recreation (the larger FIVE 2 and FIVE 3). All models are available in black, white, or green. Custom coloring is also available. 

“We are excited to have developed these with design input from our friends at Leon Speakers,” said James Banfield, president of Terra. “The guys at Leon are also leaders in designing American-made AV and our relationship goes back to our development of the internal components of their Boundary Series. It is great working with thoughtful and creative people who ‘get’ what we’re trying to do.”

The FIVE line is inspired by the original line of Terra’s AC Series. 

“Installers and dealers love the AC Original line—our AC.15, AC.16 and AC.17 models in particular,” Banfield said. “But they also wanted to see more options by way of angles, and a smaller form factor to fit challenges and demands they are seeing in the field. While we were reworking that, we tweaked the audio design a bit as well. All around, it’s a fantastic speaker.” 

Terra is also broadening how it is thinking about packages.

“We try to offer packages to make buying bundles of speakers easier and more rewarding, but depending on your need it can be limiting,” said Will Hallett, head of sales at Terra. “You need an odd number and all they have are evenly numbered packages, or inseparable pairs. Or you need an even number and all they have is odds. With our products, we offer an à la carte selection with package pricing. Similarly, if you need, say, five of one model and a sixth model that isn’t exactly the same, we can work that out. We just want to be flexible in a way that benefits your needs.” 

The FIVE Line ships April 1, 2016.