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Thiel Audios SmartSub Integrator

Thiel Audios SmartSub Integrator is an active electronic device designed to achieve near-perfect integration between a Thiel subwoofer and virtually any pair of main loudspeakers.

The SmartSub Integrator takes the guesswork out of subwoofer crossover adjustments, says designer Jim Thiel. Rather than you telling the subwoofer how to perform by setting controls for crossover frequency, level, and phase, the Integrators SmartSub circuitry automatically calculates the ideal settings once you enter information about your main speakers. The result is sonic performance as balanced and seamless as a full-range speaker with extremely high output capability.

The Integrator can be used in augment mode to extend the bass range of the systems main speakers or in crossover mode to transfer the bass energy from the main speakers into the subwoofer, allowing the overall system to play at higher output levels. The Integrators SmartSub microprocessor technology automatically calculates the subwoofer response that provides the most seamless and musical system performance based upon main speaker parameters entered into the Integrator by the end-user. The Integrator utilizes two-channel circuitry so that stereo bass can be preserved when multiple subwoofers are employed, and comes complete with a remote control, balanced and unbalanced low level inputs and outputs, and can be used with up to 16 subwoofer modules in very large systems.

The SmartSub has a MSRP of $4,400.