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TiO Launches Lamp Dimmer, Updated Home Software

TiO (Turn it On) is adding Lamp Dimmers (LMPNA) to its portfolio of home automation solutions.

TiO(Turn it On) is adding Lamp Dimmers (LMPNA) to its portfolio of home automation solutions. The Lamp Dimmers allow users to manage lighting over 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity with the TiO Home App. Additionally, TiO is updating the software for the TiO Home App (now version 3.2) with motorized shade control and refined components of the Android and Apple app. 

The Lamp Dimmer is load agnostic – it will control any kind of lighting load including any mix of incandescent, electronic low voltage, LED, dimmable and non-dimming CFL, magnetic low voltage, motor loads and cold cathode. The TiO Lamp Dimmers are 4.02 x 4.02 x 2.28 inches and connect to NEMA Receptacle (LMPNA) with a 300W dimming and switching load. The dimmer connects to the in-wall outlet and the controlled device simply plugs into the Lamp Dimmer. Featuring 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity for system communication, the TiO discovery process automatically adds the plug-in product to the TiO system.<

“The TiO Lamp Dimmers bring a lot of added connectivity to a TiO control system,” said Sanjay Patel, president and chief executive officer of Anuva Automation. “Adding plug-in lighting and/or fans is incredibly simple and the Lamp Dimmers truly round out our lighting solution. The updated TiO Home App features added components, faster in-app loading times, and significantly improves overall performance of product. We will show both additions at the upcoming TecHomeX and HTSN’s PrimeTime in Orlando in March. These new additions demonstrate our continued commitment to making TiO a feature rich home automation solution that is easy to use and quick to install.”

The updated TiO Home App, version 3.2, adds motorized shade control features via URTSI while cutting down on load and recognition time on Android and iOS platforms. Users should experience improved audio performance with migrated 5GHz wireless network, compared to the previous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth StreamShare performance. TiO users can get the update by downloading the new version of the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The next update, scheduled for mid-April will feature real-time feedback of Elements connecting to the Master Coordinator 2 (MC2) to make installation easier.