Transformative Engineering Shares Four Sources in Two Rooms with HDBaseT

4K-Capable, Four-Source, Two-Display HDMI Matrix Switch
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Transformative Engineering's new HDM-4x2 is a four-source, two-display HDMI matrix switch with a local HDMI output and remote HDBaseT output, with both outputs being 4K capable. 

The switch's local output is Audio Return Channel (ARC) enabled, and the remote output uses HDBaseT technology that allows an inexpensive Cat-5/6e network cable and an included receiver module to deliver content to displays up to 70 meters away.

The Transformative Engineering HDM-4x2 Matrix Switcher will allow four HDMI source devices such as cable, satellite, Apple TV, and Blu-ray player to be distributed to two different rooms at the same time. The HDM-4x2 allows input and display selection using the included remote control and its support system interface via IR or RS-232. 

Transformative Engineering's HDM-4x2 ARC-enabled output connections allow audio to be streamed back from a smart TV to an ARC-enabled audio video receiver connected to HDMI input no. 4. The HDM-4x2 can also de-embed an analog audio (L-R) signal to analog output jacks to be used for sound augmentation.

The remote TV output from the HDM-4x2 is connected via UTP (Cat-5e/6) wiring and is an HDBaseT signal. It is designed to run over a length of UTP (Cat-5e/6) wire up to 70 meters and connect to the supplied HDBaseT receiver at the TV, where it is converted to HDMI and IR. There is no ARC along this path. The HDBaseT receiver at the TV side is powered over the UTP wire from the transmitter built into the HDM-4x2. No power supply is needed at the TV side.