TRENDnet Adds New Fiber Media Converters

SFP Products Accommodate Mulimode, Single-mode Modules
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TRENDnet has added two new fiber media converters to its line of fiber networking products. TRENDnet’s fiber solutions are designed for long-distance networking applications while simultaneously adding an extra layer of network protection.

Each of the new SFP fiber media converters feature an SFP slot that accommodates either the multimode module for short-distance transmissions or the single-mode module for long distances. The Auto-MDIX 1000BASE-T RJ45 port supports full-duplex mode for concurrent two-direction data transmissions.

In addition to low attenuation, another key benefit to fiber is its immunity to electromagnetic interference, or EMI. TRENDnet’s cost-effective fiber networking solutions enable businesses of all sizes to take advantage of these benefits. TRENDnet currently offers a full line of fiber networking solutions including a fiber chassis, SFP modules, WDM fiber converters, and intelligent fiber converters. The new SFPs are available now.